2018/08/08: Tape code is fixed. Thanks to Greg to pointing this out.

2015/04/19: With great help from David Clarke, the annoying patch 51 bug is fixed among few minor ones. The rev1 release is also been tested and it’s working. This looks pretty good now!

2014/07/10: The CPU upgrade project is going forward. The first prototype of CPU board is ready.

2013/01/13: Site is up again. It was hacked by some ***er. My apologies for two weeks off line time.

2012/10/28: Bug fixes: release foot switch inverts the stored release button value, 2nd lfo combined tri+saw waveform is summed wrong way. Both fixed now. The patch 51 bug is still there.

2012/06/28: ADC routine works now as I wanted, Unison1 mode has blinking led, 2nd LFO has reset on keypress and single cycle modes, PS1+PS5 toggles NVRAM viewer.

2012/05/15: Pot value display shows on PS1-PS8 leds if the pot is dialed to value stored on current patch

2012/05/11: Three month of doing nothing is over: Code is optimized and to do list is almost empty. Support for 2708 eproms is dropped.

2012/02/09: Second LFO (almost) done. Due 7bit DAC the second LFO is bit rough therefore it can’t be used with VCOs but it works quite well as oscillator PW, filter and/or mixer modulator.

2012/02/08: Release foot switch code is changed: Pressing footswich inverts the state of release button. Release value and frontpanel led is turned on/off when foot switch is pressed depending if release switch is off/on.